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  • Has same great 2 pc Fiberbuilt® turf as our TeeMatic automatic golf practice machine. Preserves your mat (and your wrists!)
  • Practice shot after shot without hurting you or your clubs.
  • For both right & left handers--just swap turf around.
  • Made of strong, UV-protected ABS plastic. In the very near future a TPR (rubber composite) version of the Tee N Turf will be available at a slight additional charge. Email teematic@outofharmsway.com for more information.
  • Attaches to any hitting mat with the supplied super-strong velcro.
  • Holds 100+ balls!
  • The optional hitting mat you stand on is the right height for the TeeMatic Tee N Turf.
  • Sand, Rough, & Alignment specialty turfs available.
Tee N Turf Ordering Information
(To order by phone or fax, click here.)
Item # TNT
Item Tee N Turf
Price $99.00
Weight 22 #
Dimensions 30"l x 26"w x 4"h
Shipping Cost $20.00

Special introductory price of $99 for a limited time only! reg. price: $129.95

Comes with a 2" x 24" strip of Velcro® to secure the Tee N Turf to any hitting mat.

Item # TNT-MT
Item Tee N Turf Mat
Price $149.95
Weight 21 #
Dimensions 48"l x 36"w x 1-5/8"h
Shipping Cost $12.00

Nylon stance mat manfactured for use with the Tee N Turf. Its 1-5/8" thickness raises you to the height of the Tee N Turf hitting surface.

Item Tee N Turf with Stance Mat
Price $225.00
Shipping Cost $32.00

Both Tee N Turf and nylon stance mat at one low price.


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