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November 1, 2001
Now introducing the TeeMatic Tee N Turf which mates to a hitting mat (yours or ours), holds 100+ balls, and has the same great "real feel" turf with a tee. Are you
"Mat Shy?" Then this product is for you! The iron hitting turf won't hurt you or your clubs shot after shot. The Tee N Turf attaches with super strong velcro to your standing surface, a mat. It's made of strong UV treated ABS plastic and is very light weight & manageable in size. The Tee N Turf will retail for $129.95. We offer additional specialty turfs and a hitting mat that is close to the height of the Tee N Turf. This product is also great for driving ranges to keep from wearing out your mats. It will also bring back the mat shy folks! Love the TeeMatic¨ but want an inexpensive version? Then the Tee N Turf is for you! Click here for more information.

October 15, 2001
The annual PGA Golf Merchandise Show will take place January 24-27, 2002 in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Show hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Thursday through Saturday. Sunday hours are 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. To register, please call 800-PGA-EXPO, or logon to: www.pgaexpo.com. Steps will be taken for added security at the Orlando show to step up protection for both show attendees and exhibitors. Rates for hotels have been reduced and airlines are slashing fares. Now is an excellent time to register for the show. See you there!

September 22, 2001
The PGA Fall 2001 Expo Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV has been cancelled due to the tragic events of 9-11. We at Harmsway, LLC condemn not only those acts of terror on that day but any and all terroristic acts. Our hearts go out to the families dealing with the loss of loved ones. We also strongly support our government and troops that have the patriotic duty to end the threat of terrorism. America is truly the best place on earth. We all should again be able to pursue the American Dream.

September 11, 2001
Our prayers and thoughts go out to the victims of the terrible terrorist attack today. Please visit http://www.redcross.org to help.

September 16, 2001
Are you golf-product retailer? Then make sure you stop by our booth at the PGA Fall 2001 Expo Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV from September 24th through the 26th.

April 24th, 2001
Our product catalog is now available by clicking on Products on the Navigation Bar on the left. Also, the PDF order forms have been slimmed down for quicker downloads.

March 25th, 2001
We've added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to our site. If you have a question that this page doesn't cover, email teematic@outofharmsway.com.

March 6th, 2001
Some visitors to this site might have seen us at the Southern Colorado Golf Expo in Pueblo, CO last weekend. (March 2-4) We really enjoyed meeting fellow golfers and showing you our great product. If you live in the Dallas, TX area or the Detroit, MI area, don't forget to attend the golf expositions located near you this weekend. (March 9-11) We're taking the TeeMatic ® to the World Golf Expo in Dallas and to the Michigan Golf Show in Novi, MI. The following weekend (March 16-18) we'll take the TeeMatic ® to the Michigan Golf Show in Lansing, MI.
Stop by and say hi!

March 2nd, 2001
Welcome to Teematic's home on the World Wide Web. Our website is now officially online. In the coming weeks, look for additional pictures and information to make its way onto these pages. Perhaps we'll even finagle an online ordering system for your buying pleasure. ;-) As this site is brand new, send all website bug reports or suggestions to webmaster@outofharmsway.com. If you would like more product information, please email TeeMatic@outofharmsway.com.
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